The desired profile of executives in health care is a subject for change. The developments in and around health care claim new requirements of executives. Institutions are increasingly called on their own tasks and responsibilities. The Government wants a more distance function, meanwhile the health insurance companies are looking for their new role. The strategic work field is changing continuously and the borders as well.

In the Netherlands there is also a close relationship between the public and the private domain. Institutions in health care have a hybrid nature, this makes that the managers in health care on some apparently contradictory areas must be competent also. The assessment of executives in health care not only proceeds by financial parameters, but also on policy tools. Executives must be able to show that they are competent.

These multiple positioning of executives is topic in the research of the Erasmus Centre for Health Care Management. How are executives in health care managing the conflicting requirements and moral dilemmas? Will they find a way within the corporate frameworks? How do they act in the political context in health care? How do they answer the new administrative questions?

Research is and will be done by cooperation with the Institute of Health Policy and Management.

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